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Do I need to be on Google?

Over 92% of people start their search for a business online. Google is the leading search engine and if you don’t have a presence, you won’t be found.  We can help you quickly get your business on the map so you can take advantage of the free tools and insights Google provides you to help your business grow.

Why should I be verified on Google?

Your business can be added to Google, even if it is not verified by you.  You are leaving yourself open for reviews, positive or negative, that you can’t respond too unless you have claimed and verified your business with Google.  Verification also allows you to provide information that your customers will find valuable, to include hours of operation, website info, phone number, and other detailed information to include photos and videos of your business.

How often should I post on Social Media?

There is no standard answer on how often you should post on social media.  Each social media platform is different.  By working with us, we will help you to identify what platform you want to be on, based on where your customers are, not what is popular.  A platform you may think you need to be on may not be where you ideal client is spending their time.  Time is an important resource for your business and we want to make sure you are using it wisely!  

About Us

Fuhsion Marketing is your local social media management company in the Marietta, Georgia area focused on training, consulting, and speaking.

Jim Fuhs, our President and COO, has over 30 years of experience in Business and Consulting and is passionate about exceeding your expectations.

For over three years, we have been providing training, consulting and management to local small businesses and offering workshops to the Small Business Centers at Coastal, Carteret, and Craven Community Colleges in North Carolina.  We have physically relocated to the Atlanta, Georgia area and are excited to expand our ability to serve small businesses.

We believe building relationships is important, so we also partner with like-minded companies to find solutions for your challenges that are beyond our core specialty of social media.

Jim has given several talks on social media to large groups and is available for speaking engagements.

People are Talking

“If you are looking for top notch marketing services, Jim is your guy! He is highly knowledgeable in all things marketing and is always ahead of the latest and ever changing social media techniques. If you are looking to expand your business’s media presence look no further! Jim is also a Marine Veteran!” Matt

Owner, Shortway Brewing

“Fuhsion Marketing knows how to navigate in a relatively complex social media environment and ensure I have the right tools and marketing strategy to be a successful small business owner. Jim’s extraordinary knowledge and creative energy has given me the right boost and real results! I’m incredibly fortunate to have Jim as my navigator in today’s market.” Roni Meyerhoff

“Excellent customer service! Very knowledgeable and extremely helpful! When he comes across something new that might fit my needs, he doesn’t hesitate too keep me informed! Highly recommend for any marketing need. You won’t be disappointed!” Michelle

Owner, Brewed Downtown

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